Give us the dodgiest South African taxi any day!

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My friend & I in a DalaDala, the Zanzibari equivalent of a minibus taxi lol. Let’s just say, it was quite an experience 🙂

This is a photo of my friend & I in a stationary DalaDala in Zanzibar.  For all of Zanzibar’s heavenly scenery, it sure has some really rough sides. The sides they never show you on the brochures. These are the sides you soon discover if – like us – you’re touring on a very ‘toit’ budget.

We had to find a way to travel from Stone Town, to coastal Kiwengwa, when they told us that by cab it would cost us a ridiculous amount of shillings – the currency used in TZ. We then asked if there were any alternatives, & we were directed to a mode of transport called a Dala-Dala. To put it simply it’s a truck! A truck, which they’ve installed a roof on – and on the roof that’s where your luggage is piled-up & bound. To redeem the Dala-Dalas’ direness, they spruce them up with some groovy designs details, but that does not erase the fact that you are being transported the same way sheep & goats are transported back home in SA. On scorching hot 40 degree Zanzibar days the DalaDala is perfect because of its natural ventilation (read as – no windows). The downside however are rainy days. I learned about these from a waitress who spends 2 hours of her life traveling via Dala-Dala to work, EVERY DAY.

At this particular moment our DalaDala was experiencing a slow business day. So while waiting for other passengers to arrive, we started doing what Tourists do best in the midst of quirky experiences – we took selfies baby! Much to the amusement of the muslim men who were waiting with us. They must’ve thought, really! all this excitement for being in a taxi!


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