Happiness is a 4 letter word

Image borrowed from “Happiness is a 4 letter word” Facebook page.


That’s how I would describe Happiness is a four letter word… in a word.

Delicious cast; scrumptious script – I’m no film school graduate so I won’t start getting technical, talking about videography etc. What I will say is that the whole film with its beautifully lit and picture perfect quality looked good enough to eat. Just delicious!

Recently my #PleasureSeeking escapades led me to the Movie theatre. Now if there’s one thing you need to know about me is that I DON’T go to the cinema. Or at least, I haven’t gone in like 10years or so.

I was scarred for life once at the Sandton Ster-Kinekor where I was told to pay what – based on my judgement – was an obscene amount for a ticket. And it wasn’t even a 3D film! Mind you this was before I’d bought popcorn and the other must-shovel-in-your-mouth movie-watching-must-haves. It put me off movies for a loooong time … until last Saturday. When I was coaxed out from under my rock to experience – what I feel is easily one Mzansi’s best ‘chick-flicks’

Happiness is a 4 letter word … Wow 🙂

The movie is about the much-explored, but can-never-be-exhausted theme of relationship quandaries between men and women. Think Girlfriends, and the movie version that we crossed fingers for, or the subsequent season of the series that never came.

The story lines of rich women who cheat with toy-boys; free-spirited emotionally unavailable women who finally meet their love match; and women who find themselves having to choose between money and love are as old as men & women have been relating. There’s just something so seductive and beautifully ‘black’ about the way Director Cynthia Jele has presented them in this film.

I won’t get into the movie much and spoil it for you but I will definitely say it’s worth watching, and then proceeding to buy the DVD afterwards because it is a piece of history.

For me it feels like a breakthrough of sorts for the South African film Industry. Seeing everyday black women being portrayed by women and men who look and sound like us is something we’re starved for in the S.A film circuit.

And speaking of looks, ok I might be telling a fib when I say  the actors are everyday looking people because OH EM GEE! God bless the casting agency! The last time I saw a collection of such delicious brownness was in a box of Chocolates or the Lindt store.

Image borrowed (with no intention of return) from the “Happiness is a 4 letter word” Facebook page.

THE MEN! Sisters, they will make you say AMEN, and not in a church kinda way. Gorgeous, milk chocolate and bournville types with bodies and smiles that had the Cinema silence incessantly broken by the collective sounds of mmmmmh, if not hawemaaa! (I watched it in Durban if you must ask)

The ladies are equally gorgeous, high-caliber S.A actresses and oh Cynthina I can’t thank you enough for the diverse beauty representation. And I can’t thank Mmabatho and Renata enough for being who they are – so regal, so proud to be their beautiful, brown, naturalista selves, AND JUST SO CONSISTENT. Queen Khanyi too. She killed that role, and yeah man – who isn’t fascinated by that woman!

I’m not sure if this film is still at Cinemas. If it is HURRY and go watch it pleeease and then buy the DVD afterwards (and I’m not talking about the ones at the robots please!)

I’ve never owned a Movie DVD. I’ve never understood the concept of buying a DVD of a film you’d already watched … until now. For the first time – ever – I’ve watched a movie that will continue to be a part of my #PleasureSeeking nights on the couch, with wine, or coffee, or chocolate, or a Thomas / Chris lookalike  when I get that DVD 🙂



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