Takin’ it back to the beach.

take it back to the beach

My title just about sums up what this blog is about. Borrowed from the title of a track that BURNED the airwaves this summer 0f 2015 / 16, “Takin’ it back to the beach” has been sort of ā€¦ a prophecy of my life life right now. You see, the release of this track just serindipitously happened to coincide with a notable event in my life – moving back to my home city of Durbs after not living here for most of my adult life.

Why a move back to Durban from SA’s ca$h capital JHB? A myriad of deep reasons which I prefer not to get into. That and – because I can, so wtf not!

Over time, destiny has somehow always managed to drag me kicking and screaming to the forefront of many events, and right now I believe it’s perching me on top of yet another crest of a wave (pardon the seaside puns). I believe Durban is on the come up and right now I’m being positioned for when it blows up in spectacular fashion. To quote a saying that has since become a motto of mine, and a crutch that keeps me propped up during those challenging times – “LIFE DOESN’T HAPPEN TO YOU IT HAPPENS FOR YOU”

I don’t know this city much – I left (read as ran away from my parents oppressive rule) as soon as I could muster a legit decision to do so, so I’m going to make getting reacquainted a bit of a project of lurrrve – hence the somewhat dubious title of my blog – PLEASURE SEEKER *sideyes self*

After years of living life like a character in the Diesel “Live Fast” campaign, in Jozi, the plan is to start taking time to smell the roses; blow the dandelions, sip good wine while catching the sunrise lol; Intoxicate myself with the fresh seaside air and actually take barefoot long walks on the beach; discover Durban’s best kept secret dining spots; hunt down the bargain buys and just let the pleasure of rediscovering the city of my birth really sink in.

Here’s to “Takin’ it back to the beach” and letting the pleasure seeking begin šŸ™‚


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